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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Well . . . Here I Am. . . .

Around the holidays, and during the summer vacation months, it's very slow in the freelance writing business. Or at least that's been my own experience.

So what's a freelance writer to do?

Start a blog, apparently.

It's either that, or file. And I hate to file, so . . . well, here I am. . . .

Yes, I can, and will, work on my own projects over the Christmas and New Year holidays. But it's also a good time to try something new . . . to experiment.

And this is an experiment. Because I'm not really sure just yet what form this blog will take. Unlike a blog I might do for a client, there isn't a single audience I'm targeting and writing for. If this were a client's blog, it would be simpler, because most of the time (with few exceptions) a client is a business, often a one-man-band or Ma-'n-Pa kind of small business, though occasionally larger. I write about a product or service, and the target audience is the business' clientele.

But here I suppose I might have two distinct audiences: perhaps some of my clients or prospective clients will be reading, but some of my readers might be other writers as well.

Which would be excellent.

So, while I can give clients or future clients some insight into how writers--or at least how I--work, and answer any questions they might have, it would also be very cool to hear from other writers--freelance or otherwise.

Either way, feel free to post a reply, comment, or question. I'll do my best to respond.

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